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Stills and gifs from Foyle’s War: The Funk Hole

jillyfern said: Number 7…. Purrrrr ;o)

Indeed. Number 10 …. drool ;^U~

The open collar gets me every time. *swoon* And the little smile he gives when he lets Milner in…! And the look of surprise (plus open collar!)…! Have I mentioned this is my favourite episode? :o)

Gosh, he does brooding so well. Must re-watch this series stat.


Foyle* and Collier take a long walk and discuss Foyle’s alleged seditious behaviour.

Foyle’s War: The Funk Hole

(Which is proving to be a virtually never-ending source of gif happiness for VT =^D)

* Kind of rare to see him outside without his hat, eh?

Yes, very odd he is without a hat…and a double breasted suit jacket that doesn’t match his trousers…(this has always niggled me…and is not the only inaccuracy in this episode [still my favourite, however]…we won’t mention the scene outside the cinema…) I suppose we could take it that he just grabbed the nearest thing as he wouldn’t let Collier in…?

Thanks for the gifs, VT!



Alibi (2003) with Michael Kitchen and Phyllis Logan confirms what we’ve suspected all along. Mrs. Hughes is bustling, efficient and cheery in the morning and DCS Foyle is a grouch.

This is adorable. I can see Foyle being really grumpy in the morning until that first cup of tea, whereas Mrs. Hughes would be up before the sun and have tea and a three course breakfast made. 

Now *there’s* a crossover waiting to happen…. ;o) What would Mr Carson say?



Tumblr is doing some wacky things right now, so I thought I’d make a test post.

Besides, who doesn’t have room on their blog for Andrew hoofin’ it? Nice bum!

Looks like the test worked VT. Always nice to watch a Foyle walk!

When we used to watch FW annually at Christmas my mum and I would always say at the same time at this scene, “oooh, nice jumper,” and my poor father would roll his eyes at us. Now you mention, those trousers are rather lovely too!!

So this was on my twitter feed this morning… um, wow


Deep Breath…

…today is #CapalDay!

Half an hour to go! Getting my nerd on *pushes up specs*

This got me through the first week back to teaching - and tomorrow we find out if Capaldi holds his own…fingers crossed!

Just stumbled across this fine specimen on Pinterest. :o)

It’s feeling rather wintery here today…a snuggly jumper (or the man inside it) might be just the ticket…