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Eddie Redmayne + Puppy in a Basket.

You’re welcome.

Photograph by Jason Bell. 

Tartan trousers and a puppy…?? *Swoon*

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Julian Ovenden in Allies

Well, we already know he looks good in uniform, but Iam curious about his American accent. And going off the last gif, who knows, maybe he’ll be jumping over fences and getting muddy once again! (A girl can hope…)






Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle and his driver Samantha Stewart. (We all know she’s really his Sergeant when you get right down to it…)

Behind every great man…

(not to mention “beneath,” if you are a fanfic shipper)

dancesabove said it. I’m hiding behind her skirts :D

What restrained passion lies behind those blue and brown eyes? There’s a story right there.

Reblogging for commentary as per usual.

They have such knowing looks on their faces…or is it just the sun….

Currently in love with Julian’s eyebrows….and Lady Mary’s dress….

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Downton Abbey 5x04

It’s official: Julian learned all his best looks from a certain Mr Kitchen. How adorable is he in this episode!?

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Well, what complete nonsense that was. This dripped with so much sexual tension you could make a compelling case for the DVD getting a 12A certificate. It was the Doctor and Clara’s last hurrah, him tuxed up, her in a cocktail dress, both completely impervious to what was appropriate. Clara has decided she’s had enough, and god, are they dragging it out, all loaded moments and unsaid truths. Those forlorn stares and stolen glances are not those of a man with paternal intentions. This was Romancing the Stone. It was Moonlighting. It may have just been a nod to the genre, but nobody even try to deny it – this was hot.

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I completely agree. Goodness, Mr Capaldi…some of those lingering looks left me weak at the knees…Also, for me, it felt like the first time the two characters finally clicked. Interested to see how this will proceed…

Having read the books, it is great to see Canon Sidney Chambers (clerical detective!) brought to the screen by the lovely James Norton. Doesn’t he look simply marvellous on the back of that bicycle?

Very pleased to see my old town looking so fine too. Feel a bit homesick now! I  recommend this new series of Grantchester (and the books!).



Ellis George posted this picture of her and Peter

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Some incredible photographs in this collection!

Oooh this sounds good - will she wear a woolly jumper, I wonder?